Feds, Denver police conduct raids on six marijuana grow sites

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DENVER -- Federal agents and the Denver Police Department conducted multiple raids on marijuana growing operations in the city Tuesday morning. They seized thousands of plants and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Denver Police Department would only say it was "conducting an ongoing investigation involving illegal drug activity."

Undercover agents carried out search warrants on a half-dozen warehouses throughout Denver.

"This kind of prohibitionist stuff was supposed to end when the voters passed amendment 64," says marijuana attorney Rob Corry.

He's familiar with all the marijuana laws set up by Amendment 64.

But property records for one of the warehouses raided Tuesday, at West 6th Avenue and Bryant Street, list the owner as Tekon LLC. Secretary of State business records list the agent for that company as Thahn Thea  Hau.

That's the same name as a man who was convicted in a 2006 indictment as the leader of what the District Attorney described as a  massive pot and ecstacy ring.

It's not clear what, if any, connection Hau had to the marijuana seized Tuesday. But Corry says under Colorado's legalized marijuana laws, that's the kind of issue that should be settled in a civil administrative hearing and not a criminal raid.

"The purpose of Amendment 64 is to get law enforcement out of prohibition so they can focus on criminals who actually hurt people," Corry says.

Law enforcement sources indicate there will be more information coming out in the next few days regarding the alleged illegal activity that sparked the raids.



    • Fish

      There are regulation in place. You can’t grow what you want. Also, it is legal in Colorado, not federally, meaning the Feds can step in at any time because it is federally illegal.

    • Anon

      Really? It’s so in your world it’s legal to have 2,000 lbs of pot? And that 2 million in cash laying was gained by legal means right?.. Do all stoners have the IQ of a pea plant or just you and the others that post here?

      • Anonymous

        Ignorance is bliss for you. Go back to your evening cocktail or scotch and continue getting your kids hooked on the pharmies you think are so harmless. I agree marijuana compamies should be in compliance with state laws but don’t start that pathetic attempt to demonize a plant you obviously know nothing about and spew jargon about a news story that will never give the whole objective story.

      • arenda

        Where in the story is anything mentioned about 2000 lbs of pot or millions of dollars? If you’re going to be moronic here, at least listen to the story again so you’ll know what you’re being moronic about.

  • Anonymous

    I feel a lot safer now that some marijuana is off the street. I mean god only knows its far worse than all the meth and cocaine on the streets!

    • Anonymous

      People thinking “pot” is as bad or worse than meth or cocaine are pardon my French, F’ing ignorant. These same people most likely have a whole medicine cabinet full of prescription drugs which are capable of killing people ten times over than the 2k lbs of weed they confiscated today.

  • Ed

    I think that the police should look for meth labs. Heck, any one can find a pot store. what’s next? raqiding liquor stores?

  • Fish

    Some of the people who comment on here aren’t very wise. You do realize they are raiding ILLEGAL grow operations, right? Do some research before you decide to comment.

    • woofer

      To the feds who were “assisting” the local LEOs, ALL the grows are illegal. It helps the locals cover their butts if it comes out that they raided legal operators for no good reason, since the feds have the option to raid any growing activity without cause other than such activities are against federal laws.

    • truth be told

      It’s obviously working for the “illegal” immigrants isn’t it? Why don’t the feds do something about that? Mules carrying duffel bags of God knows what every minute….

  • Anonymous

    that 2k lbs came from what other news sites stated. C’mon don’t tell me you read or watch just one news outlet, especially FOX for you news hahaha. J/k FOX, you could be worse ;). Anyway I’d say you should read more than just one news site. Don’t be a dumbacrat who only reads CNN stories or a republisnot who reads from just FOX News . Educate yourself and be mindful of what you believe from either side of the political House of Cards we must endure.

  • anonymous

    The reason this kind of stuff is still going on is the extremely high taxes on legal pot. When people can get it cheaper when they purchase it on the streets or through people they know rather than going to a pot shop and most of the time are charged twice as much as someone on streets or their friends of course there is still going to be demand for black market pot.
    Lets look back to the history of alcohol in America, even though it has been legal for nearly 70 years there are still people who moonshine, Colorado has quite a few “home brewers”, and people who distill hard liquor at home. It is ignorant to think that the black market demand for pot would disappear virtually over night.

  • Cassie Miller

    We knew it wasn’t going to be easy… Hopefully a great lawyer will be put on this fight– i.e. one who can take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Ct. and get a ruling once and for all that CANNABIS RIGHTS is a STATES’ RIGHTS issue–since (among other reasons) under the U.S. Constitution, anything that is not specifically designated as a federal power is a states’ rights issue!

  • Lenny Frieling

    The feds have made it “clear” that they will sit back an “not assert the supremacy clause” in states that have rigorous regulation and robust enforcement. That means that the fed claims they will not argue that this is a federal issue or a state issue, but will tolerate the states’ experimentation. IF the latest raids were of people outside of the regulatory system, the fed is doing what they said they’d do. I have seen more aggressive prosecutions of people operating outside the system, with the main targets being large targets. I believe we’ve won the war, and now we’re working on winning the peace. Lenny

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