Police step up search for man missing who went missing during Broncos game

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Paul Kitterman

Paul Kitterman

DENVER -- Five days after a man vanished during the Broncos Thursday night game, investigators are now reviewing surveillance video from inside Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Paul Kitterman, a fifty-three year old from Kremmling, Colorado, vanished without a trace.

Kitterman was attending the game with his twenty year old son and two family friends.

During halftime, the missing man’s son used the restroom and returned minutes later, unable to find his father.

“We were looking everywhere in parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere we could think of,” Jarod Tonneson said Sunday.

Tia Bakke, who gave Kitterman and his stepson, Jarod Tonneson, their tickets to the game and rode with the pair on the two-hour drive from Kremmling, said this type of behavior is not customary of Kitterman. He was not intoxicated, and he had no mental health issues, she said.

On Monday, Denver Police confirmed a witness spotted Kitterman inside the stadium during the third quarter.

It's not clear where Kitterman went following the game and his family and friends have searched around the stadium since the game.

He did not have a cell phone and had only about $50 in cash and no credit card.

Investigators also told local and national media on Monday that they continue not to suspect any foul play in this case.

"Paul is the best guy you could ask for. They don't make them like Paul anymore," said Bakke, who met Kitterman through her boyfriend, who has known the missing man for a decade.

If Kitterman ever needed time to himself, he would take a horse ride and tell people where he was going, Bakke said. He's even gone camping to get away in the past -- but, again, he told his family and friends where he was going, she said.

Anyone with any information about Kitterman's location is asked to call Denver Police at 720-913-2000.

Earlier Tuesday, the department tweeted an alert saying officers were investigating a death near Sports Authority Field, but the male victim was not believed to be Kitterman.



  • L Berry

    This happened in Fort Collins years ago. A man went missing from the movie theater. They found him weeks later. He had died of natural causes in a bathroom. Hopefully, the staff has checked the stadium thoroughly!

  • John Ross

    In progressive field a young man dissappeared during a concert and it they ended up finding him in a land fill. He apparently fell down a trash shute at the stadium and went unnoticed until the driver spotted him in the landfill. Hopefully this is not the case.

  • Anon

    It’s been almost a week and the only people to make comments to the news are the two friends he went to the game with and a single comment from the step son. Not a peep from his family, other friends or employer. But most importantly where the hell is his wife in all of this? Unless you loathed your spouse, wouldn’t you be on the news pleading for him to come home or people to find him?

    The fact that no one in this day and age drives 2 hours away from home to a major event without taking at least one credit cards and their cell phone. I also don’t believe he only had $50 on him. Why would a 53 year old tell his friends exactly how much cash he had on him?

    The only thing that makes sense is he had planned all this to walk away. He leaves his cell, credit cards behind so he can’t be tracked. He told his friends he only had a little money so they would think he didn’t have cash so when he ‘disappeared’, the search for him would be focused around Denver. Then he simply waits till his step son has to use the rest room then walks out to start a new life.

  • vesey

    first of all,like the rest of us, i don’t know !! But having said that there just seems to be something wrong with this whole story. I also believe that despite what the police have said, the police ARE considering the possibility of foul play. With a story this strange they would be nuts not to………..

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