Early voting returns: More Republicans voting in Colorado so far

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DENVER -- The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office released some early voting returns Monday that show significantly more Republicans voting so far than Democrats.

This is the first election using universal mail in ballots in Colorado.

Registered voters received their ballots in the mail and can either mail them back, drop them off at a ballot box, hand them in or vote in person next Tuesday at a vote site.

According to returns released Monday more than 660,000 of Colorado’s 3 million registered voters have already handed in their ballots.

Of those voters 32 percent are Democrats, 43 percent are Republicans and 24 percent are unaffiliated voters.

Political pundits FOX31 Denver talked to expressed surprise at the size of the Republican advantage so far, but all  sides agree you can’t read much, if anything into the numbers at this point.

They note that this is the first time Colorado has used this ballot system and no one really knows what to expect.  And the final vote count won’t take place until after the polls close at 7 p.m. next Tuesday and a lot of things can change by then.

The next return results will come out Wednesday.

Meanwhile, county clerks note people are running out of time to mail in their ballots.

They must be received by the clerk’s office by 7p.m. next Tuesday. A postmark by 7 p.m. is not good enough.

But voters have the option of dropping off their ballots or voting in person at vote sites.  You can find links to voting resources here.



  • ColoradoCOmmish

    “Not to worry…Mr. Udall and Mr. Hick…. We’ve got trunk loads of “good” ballots ready to go if we need them…”

  • Craig Smith

    The whole mailing ballots backfired in the dems face. Looks like homie wont vote even if the ballot shows up at the front door. Next the dems will have delivery guys picking up ballots from houses or helping people fill them out.

    • Juan Moore Illegal

      They just knock on your door every day until your ballot is received. Funny how Republicans don’t resort to this tactic. Two years ago they were actually being disrespectful to my face when I told them to stop bothering me. “Get out the Vote”….more like “Get the F off my porch!”

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    What a surprise and gnashing of teeth will be seen in the faces of the righties when the Dems pull ahead by the end of this week. LOL! They will start accusing the Dems of cheating and fraud. When that happens you know the righties are poised to lose BIG TIME!!!

    • coloradocommish

      “Melissa”…. There’s simply NO other explanation…. if Dems actually win…..

      “That’s not even lying or something, if someone throws out a ballot, like if you want to fill it out you should.”
      ~ Meredith Hicks, Director of “Work Progress”… Democratic Voter Activist

      Or….. Christine Topping from Greenpeace… suggesting to go to black neighborhoods to look for discarded ballots in the trash, filling them out and mailing them in, saying….”you’ll be putting the votes to good use.”

      And I assume that you’re COMPLETELY in favor of a Photo ID Voter law for Colorado?
      Fraud, Fraud, and Fraud.

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