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Utah town moves up Halloween so dying boy can trick-or-treat one last time

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WEST JORDAN, Utah — A Utah family knows they only have a limited amount of time left with their son, and they are determined to make the most of it.

At 22 months old, Ethan van Leuven was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After years of treatment, his family learned last week that his fight is coming to an end. Ethan, who just turned 5, will likely not see Thanksgiving, KFOR reported.

“His leukemia has gone out of control and is no longer treatable, so he was given a few days to several weeks left,” Merrill Van Leuven, Ethan’s father said.

Knowing time is running out, the van Leuven family decided to make sure Ethan gets to experience one more round of holidays. So this week, the town of West Jordan moved up Halloween so the boy could trick-or-treat one last time.

Next up: Christmas. Holiday lights were already up all over town, and the van Leuvens celebrated Christmas morning on Saturday.



  • mari

    Now that’s an awesome story great community to do this for this little boy & family may god bless them losing a child is never easy & ur mourn & grieve the rest of ur life if u have not experienced it you’ll never understood it’s the most devastating thing in life parents shouldn’t have to bury there children put may they find peace & rest in god & know there life was changed for the better bye bringing this wonderful child onto this undeserving world .

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