Woman says she was fired from her job for pumping breast milk

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A mom says pumping breast milk is the reason why she was fired from her job at Kaiser Permanente.

Andrea Turner, 25, has filed a federal EEOC complaint against the healthcare company.

Kaiser Permanente says that's not the reason she lost her job.

Rob Low explains in the video report above why her union has filed grievances on behalf of Turner and four other women.



  • coloradocommish

    Is this just more proof that Unions care little for conventional work ethic, efficiency and productivity…. AND hold in complete disregard, the requirement of following established, acknowledged, simple workplace procedures….that I’m sure were introduced, and accepted prior to accepting employment?
    Just wondering?
    Perhaps when the ACTUAL reason for her dismissal is disclosed, FOX will do an update?
    (Honestly….I had no idea Lactating Mother’s even HAD a Union….)

    • Andrea Turner

      Hello, yes I will let you know the ACTUAL reason of my dismissal when Kaiser Permanente finds out! THANKS!

      • ColoradoCommish

        Ms. Turner…. I admire your willingness and spirit to answer each of us personally…. I will tell you that MY ‘comment’ is based on my profoundly disastrous and disappointing past experience’s with “Union Representation” and my observation that, for the most part, I believe that they are really in the business of protecting the mediocre, ham-stringing business and productivity, and don’t really provide much of a service to society as a whole any longer…. with that said… I’ll back-peddle a little here, and gladly wait until I hear both sides of the story before I pass any further judgment.
        Best of Luck to you and your family in the future, regardless of the turnout.

  • neysa

    I’m really surprised by this story. I am an employee of Kaiser Permanente and have had the opposite experience. Not only has the organization made it easy for me to preserve my lactation time, but they have agreed to allow me to schedule it, prioritize the time over business meetings and create the physical space for me. My job often requires me to be at different buildings for the organization. A few times, I have had to pump at a Kaiser clinic that is unfamiliar to me. Not only did they provide the space, the clinic leadership stopped a meeting taking place in the space so my lactation time was the priority over the business discussion. I feel grateful everyday to work for an organization that sees the health needs of my baby as more important than a business discussion.

    • Andrea Turner

      THank you aslso for tuning into my story. :). I’m grateful that you work on the clinical side and I work more in the administrative side.

  • Anon

    Give us a break. She decided to take breaks whenever she wanted using the excuse she “had” to pump and got fired. Honestly, why does the media feel the need to report this as “news”?

    • Andrea Turner

      Hello Andrea Turner here. Answer to your comment…. or your superfluciously statement. I suggest you watch the video again, as my union rep. stated my attendance was perfect as well as my test scores! As I stated, I would only be pumping for 7 minutes then have to leave to get back to work. I was not taking extra breaks at all and is this the case for the other 4 women who have had the same issue? I don’t remember you being there. It’s NEWS because open enrollment is coming up and now people have a choice why choose a company that can’t even support their own employees?

  • Andrea Turner

    Thanks for all the comments, however, please watch the video again as its states my attendance was perfect and so were my test scores. One thing the news did not add is that I was unable to pump for 2 weeks because they would not accomodate my request to pump. After I went past my supervisor’s head I was terminated. I was engorged and in pain I was able to do my job to the fullest degree. Did anyone hear about the 4 other women going thru hell at MEMBER SERVICES to pump or was that just not acknowledged?

    • Anonymous

      Andrea , I am very familiar with the conditions that employees work under in Member Services . I have heard and witnessed the lack of compassion or caring that management in Member Services show the employees. Employees have stated that they are now on medication that helps them cope with stress of working in Member Services , employees with chronic illnesses that were under control are now having more and more severe episodes of illness, one young lady because management chose to circumvent doctor’s orders and since she was afraid of losing her job continued to come to work against doctors orders lost her child and nearly her life. No one is asking for special treatment just humane treatment. It is reprehensible that anyone would be subjected to the type of treatment that the employees of Kaiser Permanente member services experiences. For a healthcare organization and one who’s motto is THRIVE….

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