Jefferson County School Board approves controversial curriculum review committee

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- The conservative Jefferson County School Board majority passed a modification to the current curriculum review. The committee will include students and members of the community.

The fierce fight over curriculum in Jefferson County Schools has sparked weeks of protests that have gained national attention. The focal point has been AP U.S. History, but other classes are part of the plan as well.

The Democrats in the board minority opposed the change because the committee will now report directly to the board instead of the administration.

The heated debate took on a new intensity Thursday night at the school board's meeting. Several hundred people showed up to voice their opposition and support for what board members want to do. The rallies and protests started outside Thursday afternoon.

And then the meeting, which was expected to go late into the night, started.

“I hope that this was a defining moment for this board, that there is not one member up here that would support censorship,” board member Julie Williams said. She's the one who proposed a review committee look at the AP U.S. History curriculum that launched the protests.

For two hours Thursday night she heard from students, parents and teachers about their distrust of a curriculum review committed for AP U.S. History and other classes that would promote patriotism and discourage civil disorder.

“Let me say to Ms. Williams, thank you for your lesson in civil disobedience. What I have learned from you is there is a time and place for civil disobedience and that time is right now,” student Eric Temple said.

Another board member stripped the controversial language from the review committee proposal prior to Thursday's meeting, and some in attendance did show support for that.

“The citizen committee for the Jeffco board of education needs to be a committee separate from the established Jeffco Public School system.”

But the vast majority of students and parents remain worried that the conservative board majority would use that committee to change AP U.S. History and other classes.

“I want U.S. AP History to be available for my children. Slap a warning label on it for those who fear critical thinking, but don’t limit my children’s educational choices,” parent Lisa Cook said.

“What’s next? Are you going to choose science? Are you going to take down English?” student Jackson Curtis asked. “We already have two committees that do just this, they review the curriculum for the district,” he said.

The fact is Jeffco does already have two committees in place to review curriculum and Thursday night Superintendent Dan McMinimee proposed that the board simply keep that structure and add input from the community and students.

But with the vote still up in the air, students presented a nationwide petition to the board just in case the conservative majority goes its own way. “We have 40,000 people across the country who sided with us, in saying this is wrong.”​




  • Paul M

    “opposed the change because the committee will now report directly to the board instead of the administration” Pretty sure the actual reason everyone opposes the change is because it wants to rewrite history to make it seem like America never did anything wrong and that civil disobedience doesn’t make positive changes. Disgraceful

    • dlcalliope

      The American federal system of government has uplifted the whole world over the past 200 years. Paul Johnson’s views of American history is more accurate and uplifting than those of the Marxist Howard Zinn whose views have corrupted education for the past decades. True, we have not been perfect but the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, gave us the mechanisms to progress and progress we have. Take away the source of our strength- the division of powers, checks and balances with specific powers given to the states- others to the federal government, and we will no longer be the beacon of freedom around the world that we are. Socialism and Marxism have failed wherever they have been tried. Both systems are antithetical to human nature and must inevitably lead to dictatorship and tyranny. The leftists are willing to throw out the excellent in their quest for their unattainable utopia. Teach Paul Johnson- not Howard Zinn, if you want your children and grandchildren to live in a free and vigorous America. If you want tyranny and failure and the centralization of all power in Washington currently run by the power hungry – then teach how evil the USA is- teach Howard Zinn and his Marxism. Common Core and the revisionist history of Howard Zinn will concentrate all curriculum decisions in the hands of the power elite and our children will become uncritical servants of the state. Parents- school boards in each state and each community should decide the curriculum- not a one size fits all designed by the Federal government. Common Core is privately owned and the copywrite specifies no changes can be made to the curriculum except by the owners of the copywrite. Bill Gates stands to make hundreds of billions of dollars which is why he funded it with $150 million dollars. Crony capitalism and corruption reign supreme in D.C.

      Here are just 2 sentences from a noun worksheet provided in the Common Core curriculum. “The commands of government officials must be obeyed at all times.” and “The wants of an individual are less important than the well being of the state.” This sort of insidious propaganda and other blatant distortions in the curriculum are being promoted, either wittingly or unwittingly, by Paul M and his leftist cohorts. Support the review by the Jeffco School Board and throw out Common Core.

      WARNING: Pearson plc, which owns Prentice Hall, has extensive business relationships with wealthy Islamist financial institutions. and their textbooks present an imbalanced view of Islam to high school students. Their World History” textbook has a 36 page chapter whitewashing Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism. If we are not vigilant and careful-this is what our children will leave school believing. Read the textbooks being foisted on your children, counter the falsehoods, be aware or you will not recognize them when they grow up.

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