Colorado Republicans try to reach women voters

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DENVER -- How is Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez like a wedding dress?

It's not entirely clear, but the College Republican National Committee would like voters to think about it.

In a series of ads released this week on the internet, the group compares political candidates through the confusing metaphor of the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress."

In the Colorado version of "Say Yes to the Candidate," a young woman is in love with "the Bob Beauprez" design, while her stodgy mother wants her to wear "the John Hickenlooper," a similar dress that "comes with additional costs."

In the end, Brittany says "yes" to the Bob Beauprez and everyone cheers and toasts with champagne. So, congratulations?

Time Magazine Wednesday lambasted the ad (specifically, the version describing Florida Gov. Rick Scott as the perfect dress) as "the most sexist Republican ad of the year."

The Democratic Governors Association blasted the ads, calling them “further evidence” that the Republican candidates “still have no idea how to communicate with women voters.”

“That’s because it’s not just their attitudes that are condescending and insulting, but because their policies – from deep cuts to education to opposition to equal pay for equal work, to mandatory ultrasounds and defunding Planned Parenthood – are deeply out-of-touch with the concerns of women and families,” DGA spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in the statement.

It's not the first effort by Republicans to reach out to young women.

Americans for Shared Prosperity, a GOP outside group, ran TV ads earlier this month comparing President Barack Obama to a bad boyfriend.