PHOTOS: Katy Perry gets prismatic in Denver

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DENVER — Katy Perry returned to Denver Tuesday night, packing the Pepsi Center with a range of fans for the Prismatic Tour.

Opening with “Roar,” the singer sounded great and looked even better, flanked by half a neon-edged, dozen spear-wielding backup dancers and an elaborate prism set that rose out of the floor.

While one of her first acts as neon queen was to warn parents that the show was going to run late on a school night, there looked to be plenty of childless fans in their 20s and 30s in the crowd, looking for a taste of the Katy Perry magic. They got it — by now, Perry has the arena tour thing down to a science. Give her credit not just for the spectacle, but for actually belting out most of the lyrics live.

Earlier, the seemingly ageless duo Tegan and Sara seemed to be enjoying the end of their decades-long trip from indie to pop stardom, rocking out synthy rock that could have come from Perry herself.



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