Man charged with abusing elderly man he was hired to care for talks from jail

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Tuesday on charges that he abused and imprisoned the 75-year-old man whom he works for as a caretaker.

Deputies responded to the 8000 block of Indiana Street about 5:30 p.m. after a woman told them the elderly man asked her to call for help. The man told police that his live-in caretaker, 21-year-old Robert Bozarth, attacked him after an argument.

"Honestly it wasn't me beating him, he's old enough to get little episodes," the suspect said in an interview from jail Wednesday.

The man had reportedly confronted Bozarth about not working all day, and Bozarth became upset, taking the victim's keys and cell phone and forcing him out the front door, locking it so he could not get back into his home, police said.

The victim went around to a side door and was met there by Bozarth, who allegedly slammed the door on the victim’s hand, severely injuring it. The victim then walked down the street looking for help.

Bozarth then got into his car and reportedly pinned the victim against a barbed wire fence a short distance from the house.  Bozarth then threw him into the car and wrestled him back to the house, the victim said.

Once there, Bozarth allegedly placed a dog choke collar on the man’s wrist and was in the process of applying a lock to the collar when he saw a deputy pull up in front of the house.

Bozarth ran and was soon found in a basement closet, police said. He was jailed on kidnapping, assault and theft charges.

"He was a very good provider, he helped give me a safe haven for the time being, I apologize that it turned into a nightmare," Bozarth said.