Denver Zoo has plan for the future, ticket price increase to help take care of animals

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DENVER -- The Denver Zoo has unveiled a new plan for the future.

Among the things visitors will notice is an increase in ticket prices. During the high season a general admission ticket will now cost $17. That's a $2 increase.

The zoo's new CEO says the reason behind the ticket price change is due to the increasing cost of maintaining care for the 4,000 animals that currently live there.

"When we looked at our increased costs of animal care, veterinarian care and deferred maintenance it became important to the zoo to make sure we had financial stability," says CEO Shannon Brock.

Running the $34 million nonprofit is a daunting task. Brock says it has its challenges, taxes and revenue, fundraising ... "And third is animal habitat upgrades like when we look at the infrastructure and the cost of maintaining care for these beautiful animals, it gets very expensive."

It costs $80,000 a day to run the zoo.

More than 2 million people visit the Denver Zoo every year. It's most certainly one of the most popular family-friendly destinations in the region.

Block points out that over 69 percent of admission is free or discounted. That means 350,000 people were able to visit for free last year.

The Denver Zoo is open year round.

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