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Denver man who just returned from Africa confident Ebola not a problem in U.S.

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DENVER -- There is a high alert level for anyone traveling to and from Africa right now.

FOX31 Denver met up with a man who just returned from spending a month in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ugo Udezue is a sports agent based in Denver who also owns a pro basketball team in Nigeria.

He says the Ebola fear is real but there are many precautions in place to help stop the spread. The first diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. is no reason to panic Ugo says.

"I seriously doubt Ebola is going to be a major crisis in America. If it's not in Nigeria ... America is too advanced. You know people are more educated."

The White House said Wednesday the chances of a U.S. epidemic are incredibly low. Therefore, the U.S. will not impose any travel restrictions or introduce new airport screenings in some of the hardest hit countries.

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