Lawsuit: Disney ripped off my life story in “Frozen”

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One of the multiple DVD covers for the movie "Frozen" is just one of many things that Isabella Tanikumi claims was stolen from her autobiography "Living My Truth." (Credit: The Walt Disney Company)

LOS ANGELES — A woman claims that The Walt Disney Company ripped off her life story in the hit movie “Frozen.”  Now she’s suing.

Isabella Tanikumi is suing Disney for $250 million and is demanding a jury trial.

Tanikumi claims the movie is based on her 2010 autobiography called “Living My Truth.” The book outlines Tanikumi’s life growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru, according to E! News.

According to the report,Frozen was said to be inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.”

Tanikumi’s three-page Federal complaint highlights several examples that show parallels between her work and “Frozen.” The comparisons include everything from characters and their names, to the relationship between the main characters.

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Below are five parallels that Tanikumi draws between her autobiography and “Frozen” in her complaint.

Parallel 1

  • Living My Truth: Isabella and her sister are playing and Isabella was severely injured (fell in hot custard) with damage to the face.
  • Frozen: Elsa was playing with Ana and accidentally hurts her head.

Parallel 2

  • Living My Truth: Hans and Cristoff are the two male characters who have romantic interests in Isabella.
  • Frozen: Hans and Kristoff are the two male characters who have romantic interests in Ana.

Parallel 3

  • Living My Truth: The sisters are involved in a very tragic accident (earthquake that affected an entire city) resulting in isolation for the two, and emotional bonding – a friend died in the tragedy and they only have each other.
  • Frozen: The sisters are involved in a very tragic accident (storm caused parent’s boat to capzie) and they only had each other – isolation and emotional bonding.

Parallel 4

  • Living My Truth: Isabella had to cover up her facial injuries with concealing creams to be in public. Isabella is obsessive about concealing. Isabella has terrible fears – afraid to go out.
  • Frozen: Elsa had to cover up her hands with concealing gloves to be in public. Elsa is obsessive about concealing (conceal it; don’t feel it). Elsa has terrible fears – afraid to go out.

Parallel 5

  • Living My Truth: Isabella had an incident where her defect was exposed and children are frightened. Isabella runs away when her defect is discovered.
  • Frozen: Elsa had an incident where her defect was exposed and children are frightened. Elsa runs away when her defect is discovered.

Parallel 6

  • Living My Truth: Image of Isabella with hand to sky with sprinkles (book cover).
  • Frozen: Image of Elsa with hand to sky with sprinkles (DVD cover).

Parallel 7

  • Living My Truth: Isabella’s beloved sister Laura, dies in a severe accident and devastates Isabella.
  • Frozen: Ela’s beloved sister Ana, dies in a severe incident while trying to defend her sister and devastates Elsa (she does come back to life).


  • Your name here

    Um most of these arent even related… This is so unnessecary. The movie is based on the movie THE SNOW QUEEN

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  • Ashlynn

    Does she not realize that they can sue her for copying the snow queen because that book was out long before her autobiography.

  • Cecey

    Parallel 3 is not true, in her book it’s not just Isabelle and her sister Laura, her parents, older brother, and grandfather all survive and live together. I love how in her lawsuit she keeps claiming it’s just about her and her sister when she has a very large family in the book. Her poor brother Tomas gets completely ignored in the lawsuit.

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