Young Grand Junction football players take stand against domestic violence

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A Pop Warner team in Grand Junction traded in their cleats for high heels -- to take a stand against domestic violence.

It's a big statement about domestic violence in professional football, proving you can find the real heroes and role models in your own backyards.

"I love my sister and I would never never let anyone hurt them," West Junction Tiny Mites player Daniel Atencio said.

Many of the players on the team might not stand taller than 3 feet high, but they're ones we should be looking up to.

"In practice I normally take the ball and run with it and I ran a touchdown and 'I'm like nobody got me,' (and) they're like, 'Coach we can't hit a girl,'" coach Starr Martinez said.

Recent domestic violence cases have their NFL counterparts under fire, so these boys are becoming their own positive role models as they champion a great cause.

While they still need a little practice to perfect their snaps and carries, they understand what it means to stand up for the women in their lives.

They had no problem joining the big leagues at this year's Men in Heels race Thursday to benefit the Hilltop's Latimer House, which provides emergency shelter and services to those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

"It's very blessed and a very proud moment for me to see the boys very excited and slipping into those heels and ready to run for the stand against domestic violence," Martinez said.

Despite the not-so-comfortable heels, the boys learned the most important lesson of all.

"A good man (is better) than a good football player," Curtis Hodges said.