Gardner answers criticisms on ‘Colorado Politics: From the Source’ at 9am Sunday

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DENVER -- Colorado's U.S. Senate race has focused on women's health issues.

With democratic Senator Mark Udall accusing his challenger, Corey Gardner, of disavowing Colorado's personhood initiative -- while continuing to sponsor a federal bill that would accomplish the same things -- FOX31 Denver's Eli Stokols asked Gardner about it this week on Colorado Politics: From the Source.

It's quite an interview. You can see part of the exchange in the video clip above right now. You can watch the whole interview Sunday morning at 9 on FOX31 Denver.

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  • cssidenver

    Gardner insults the intelligence of the voters by continually dodging the issue. As he was pressed on the Personhood Bill, he repeatedly tried to change the subject. His words, “There is no personhood bill” – well it is on record in congress.
    Dodgy, dodgy answers by a man who wants us to trust him?

  • Colo_Native_RN

    Either you are politically ignorant and politically blind! THERE IS NO personhood bill in the US Congress IF you are that stupid to buy into Udall’s scare tactics, then that speaks to the low functioning level of that believer. There was a personhood amendment in the Colorado legislature, at the requests of Denver Prosecutors to have a law that is able to consider a fetus a person so that the law woulsd allow for prosecution of a death of a fetus during the commission of a crime: Shooting, hit and run and other instances. IT IS Udall that is dodging and lying about this as well as using scare tactics since he HAS NO RECORD of accomplishment to run on!!. He is from a big political western family…HE IS NO GOOD and has done NOTHING for Colorado. YOU are incredibly ignorant to support Udall. GO BACK to the state you escaped fron….California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois or whatever rock you climbed out from underneath!

    • Rand

      The House of Representatives adjourned on 9-22-14, meaning Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner has officially missed his chance to withdraw his name from the Life at Conception Act, a federal personhood bill, prior to the Nov. election. To un-cosponsor the bill, Gardner would have had to make a statement from the House floor, and now the House is out of session until Nov. 12. There’s simply no ambiguity here. Over a year ago, Gardner signed on to the Life at Conception Act (H.R.1091) as a co-sponsor. The Colorado Republican ostensibly changed his mind about the issue a few months ago, but nevertheless kept his name on the federal personhood bill, despite having ample opportunity to withdraw his support.
      The NBC affiliate in Denver recently caught up with the congressman to ask about this, and the exchange helped underscore the problem.
      KUSA: How do you square your recent change on personhood at the state level with the bill that you still are on in Congress. The Life Begins at Conception Act?
      Gardner: Well, there is no federal personhood bill. They’re two different pieces of legislation, two different things. This is plainly incorrect. According to Personhood USA and other Republican co-sponsors of the legislation, the Life Begins at Conception Act is, as a matter of policy, a federal personhood bill.
      It’s literally unbelievable that Gardner wouldn’t understand this – he’s not only championed personhood for years, he also probably read the bill before signing on as a co-sponsor.
      Wow who are you calling ignorant and stupid. To bad facts get in the way of your logic.

      • Colo_Native_RN

        IF you are going to make a statement…make sure it is evidence based and is in it’s entirety. There are procedural requirements needed in order to remove a bill OR a supporters name from a bill. It is not as easy as saying; “I withdraw my name from sponsorship”.
        MY fact are not in anyway. Your perception or reality is keeping you from knowing what is realand what is your delusions.
        MORE to the point, IF ALL you and your kind can do is raise this issue as the ONLY reason to vote for Udall, then you are sick, narrow minded and politically blind and ignorant!
        YOU and Udall HAVE NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE to point to in a record or to run on. SO, you resort political scar tactics and the THREE D’s of liberals and the democratic party……
        Delusional, Distortion and Deception!

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