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Top 4 ways to get your child through flu season healthy

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DENVER -- If you have kids, you know cold and flu season is inevitable. But there are some things you can do to boost your children's chances of missing it this year.

It's time to prepare to fend off the flu and colds many kids develop this time of year.

Medical experts say now is the time to strengthen their immune system, to give them a fighting chance against those viruses.

A flu shot is important for kids age 6 months and older. This year's flu season is expected to hit early, in December, so now is the time for a vaccination.

Doctors say the nasal mist version is best because it can work faster in most cases. But if you don't have access to it, go ahead and get the regular vaccine.

Diet is very important. Make sure it is balanced and includes plenty of green, leafy vegetables. They are power packed with immune system-strengthening elements that fight illness.

Probiotics you find in yogurt are also helpful, and avoid processed food.