JeffCo’s Summit Ridge Middle School doesn’t allow students out to protest

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- More school walkouts are planned Thursday in Jefferson County as the tumultuous week at high schools is now affecting some middle schools.

A walkout was planned for 8 a.m. at Summit Ridge Middle School, but the school did not allow the students out to protest. Parents are upset because the issue has become a major distract for their children.

In an email to Summit Ridge parents, the school's principal says in part, "It is important that our students understand the topic to make informed and personal decisions. Please take a moment to process together as a family and help your student find a way to share their concern about this topic.  We do not want any students to miss valuable instructional time."

Since Friday, some students have stood together in opposition of a new teacher pay scale and a Jefferson County School Board of Education proposal to review new Advanced Placement history curriculum that has been called "anti-American" by some conservatives. Some parents say this is a crucial time for JeffCo schools.

"They're trying to disrupt education," parent Andrea Stevens said. "They are disrupting the teachers and the quality of our teachers. And the quality of our learning. I'm very unhappy about this.

"I think some students think this is a done deal when in fact it was a discussion by our board based on a resolution that one of our board members brought forward," Superintendent Dan McMinimee said. "There was a vigorous discussion Thursday evening, It was tabled."

Protests are also planned at Bear Creek High School. Summit Ridge would be the first middle school to experience a walkout.