Residents complain of rat problem at Englewood apartment complex

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Centennial East apartment complex

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — An Englewood apartment complex on East Fremont Avenue is fighting a rat problem, according to reviews posted by residents on and the Tri-County Health Division.

“The complex has rats living outside the size of rabbit and when you ask them to take care of the rats they say they are,” one resident of the Centennial East apartment complex wrote. “But they haven’t yet. This place is a mess.”

That report was written one summer before the first complaint received by the Tri-County Health Department on the rat issue, spokesperson Monte Deatrich said.

Deatrich’s office received the first rat complaint on June 15, 2013, and were satisfied the issue had been resolved 10 days later. That was until a second complaint on the same issue was filed this week.

Several children play in the community and have noticed the rats and burrows, according to reports, and rat traps have been set up around the complex at 14406 E. Fremont Ave. But it was clear to Tri-County investigators who visited the property Thursday that the traps weren’t mitigating the issue.

Deatrich said crews found filled trash dumpsters and compactors on the property, leading to residents leaving their garbage bags on the ground. There was also plenty of standing water on the property’s lawns and more of the same in potholes in the parking lot.

The presence of those issues provided an ample food and water supply for rats, and likely led to the development of multiple burrows on the property, Detrich said.

“It doesn’t look like this is an ongoing problem; just something that has recently raised its ugly head,” Deatrich said. “But this issue is something that’s easily avoidable — just eliminate (places for rats to harbor) and any food and water sources. The main thing is those food and water source.”

Since this is Centennial East’s second rat complaint in the last 15 months, Deatrich said his department will make an effort to follow up with the complex’s owners several times in the near future, starting with reports from a hired pest contractor.

“A lot of times contractors will give owners a couple of options, and the owners will go with the cheaper option,” Deatrich said. “We’re in support of a contractor doing everything he needs to do to get things under control.”

This isn’t the first time the Centennial East apartment complex has been in the news in the same time period of its rat complaints.

In August 2013, a mother of three was killed inside an apartment in the complex. The woman, Katrina Pacheco, had a restraining order against Arthur Price, the man who was alleged to have killed her.