Phony door-to-door solicitor sought in Boulder sex assault

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Police are looking for a phony door-to-door solicitor who allegedly forced his way into a Boulder woman’s home and sexually assaulted her.

The incident occurred in the 1800 block of 22nd Street about 6:25 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The female victim told police that a door-to-door solicitor knocked on her door, saying he was collecting money for a charity. He claimed to be a neighbor, but the victim was not familiar with him, she said.

"I mean it`s boulder everyone`s pretty friendly and there`s often ... 'yeah, sign this,' do that whether it`s a petition for clean water or something," says resident David Sigel.

The suspect allegedly pushed his way into the victim’s home and began groping her. She thought that if she gave him money, he would leave, she told police. She attempted to retrieve money from her bedroom, but the suspect followed her into her room and sexually assaulted her there. She fought him and demanded that he leave.

The victim was not injured.

The suspect fled in an unknown direction. While canvassing the neighborhood after the assault, police contacted several other neighbors who had been approached by a door-to-door solicitor matching the description of the suspect in the assault.

"I can't believe something like this happened so close." Lonnie Lee Comer lives just down the street. It's a crowded blck and he says he though there would be safety in numbers. "Everybody`s biking and running. There`s people going to school and the bus line is right here. People are always around," he says.

"It`s definitely gonna' make a lot of other folks in the neighborhood very apprehensive and that`s a shame," Comer adds.

Police say it should be easy to spot an impostor. Legitimate solicitors will have a permit from the city.

The suspect was described as:

  • White male
  • 5’8” to 6’0” tall
  • Short blond hair that is shorter on the sides and longer on top
  • “Big” nose
  • College-aged
  • Clean-shaven
  • Wearing blue jeans and possibly a red-colored shirt

Anyone with information in the case was asked to call police.