Boulder Marathon will not happen this year

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Boulder Marathon

Boulder Marathon

BOULDER, Colo. — Well, the run is officially off in Boulder County, permits needed by both marathon owner Jeff Mason and Jeff Suffolk’s Human Movement Group were not requested 60 days before the event was to be staged on October 5.

“We didn’t get any requests until this week,” said Boulder County’s Connie Pieropan. “For safety reasons—a runner died in a spring half-marathon this year—we need at least 60 days to work out kinks in plans for special events, and neither group gave us the time we needed.”

Suffolk says he is still trying to get the city of Boulder to hold the race on city property, bypassing the county, and they are trying to hold a half-marathon in Denver on the 5th of October as well. But, Denver Parks folks say they have no record of Human Movement applying for a permit.

So, for runners who have been training for the Oct. 5 date, the closest Marathon is Chicago, but that probably won’t be an option for most, which is why the Denver/Janus Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in late October might be the best bet. Organizers have offered free runs to 300 who paid to run Boulder.