Strip club owner makes case for governor in rap video with Wyclef Jean

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Independent gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon raps from inside a cage in a new video from his campaign featuring Wyclef Jean.

DENVER — Independent Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunafon, the proprietor of Shotgun Willie’s Gentleman’s Club, just one-upped Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, heretofore the master of creative, positive and memorable messaging.

Dunafon Wednesday released his campaign’s rap video — yes, a real rap video — featuring himself and the Haitian recording artist Wyclef Jean — yes, the real Wyclef Jean — delivering a message about the self-proclaimed “most interesting politician in the world’s” libertarian platform.

“They got us in the trap,” is the refrain that carries through the video, titled “The Trap”, in which Dunafon and others stand within the cages positioned around Denver as part of Hickenlooper’s “Don’t be a Lab Rat” campaign to steer young people away from recreational marijuana.

Throughout the video, which runs three and a half minutes, Dunafon lays out his positions in favor of marijuana, incarcerating fewer people for drug-related crimes, local control of education curricula, allowing same-sex couples to marry and keeping government out of women’s personal health decisions.

“Individual thinking is where it’s at,” Dunafon raps as Jean provides background vocals. “Collective thinking is a cancer…

“But with liberty our guide, we can find the answer.”

Dunafon’s campaign is hosting a “pre-release” party at Shogun Willie’s Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

According to a release from the campaign shared with FOX31 Denver: “Jean and Dunafon’s message is that if you’re sick of party politics, and you want to get the money out, an independent governor is the best choice for Colorado, because he is not taking money from vested interests, and is willing to talk about the most divisive issues: local control over fracking, the release of non-violent cannibis prisoners, and investing to create a world-class cannabis and hemp industry in Colorado.”

And, with that overview, please enjoy “The Trap”:



    • Danielle Wall

      Minor correction: Mike has no ownership in the club, his fiancé, Debbie Matthews owns Shotgun Willies and has since 1982.

      • Shane Martin

        Ordinance 21, Series 2013 the city of Glendale paid $1.2 million for a bogus condemnation of the previous building. This was passed in January 2014 by the non-elected “meritocracy” (as Dunafon called the city council, since deleted that post on his facebook page) for “unforeseen” costs to the 2013 budget. Not at all, however they didn’t follow city charter when buying or selling one property for $1 million. Meaning bought and sold “fee simple” as well as without council approval; took a loss of 200k, but hidden in previous year’s closed budget the numbers don’t look so bad to sell that property to buy another, the 490 S Colorado Blvd for $1.2 million. They even falsified language in city council Records of Proceedings to try and hide the fact Dunafon stated “54,000 I think” in how much it cost the city, never mentioned the $1.2 million, but stating so in the minutes.

        Critical thinking? No, not this campaign. Certainly not liberty or democracy in a non-elected meritocracy. No election since 2006, not a single person in Glendale city government has been elected.

  • Anonymous

    More people have been arrested for marijuana related offences for minor regulation violations after “legalization” than before the people voted for decriminalization. The current structure of laws are definitely a “trap”. The state is still persecuting marijuana users, growers, businesses and culture. This was not the intent of the people when they voted.

  • Travis

    Every time I read a article off kvdr that can’t keep out that he owns Shotgun Willie’s…. pathetic !! Get your facts rite.
    They must be hickenlooper lovers, cause you don’t see a decent story from them.
    Maybe you could do a real article and interview.

    • Shane Martin

      Shotgun Willie’s: The Mirabal’s of Mr. Limos fame employed their, Dunafon the President and 50% owner. The Mirabals are serving time in federal prison for drug dealing through Mr. Limos. Dunafon’s Castlerock address the address of Mr. Limos. Germaine “Jello” Wallace ran a prostitution ring through Denver strip clubs, Shotgun Willie’s named in the arrest affidavit. He lived just down the road from Dunafon’s Castlerock address. According to the city charter of Glendale Dunafon was to be removed from the council when he no longer lived in Glendale. Although with an entire non-elected council and non-elected mayor of a strip club, that didn’t happen.

  • Shane Martin

    Anyone familiar with M.D.’s campaign know he’s stated for awhile to his followers (evidently not the “rouge” citizens he referred to in his candidate answers … his critical thinkers may not get that) that he will accept no money from anyone. Used to say that he only wants to be “beholden” to the voters – of course that’s Zero voters in Glendale that made him mayor. Well here it’s stated by his “team”, “he is not taking money from vested interests….” His twit account states, ” I refuse to accept any money from anyone.” Then on his facebook since deleted, “NEW FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE SET UP FOR MAYOR MIKE DUNAFON FOR GOVERNOR…There will be a special private area set aside for smoking marijuana, which is believed to be a first in Colorado political fundraising history. Individuals and American corporations can make contributions to “Citizens for Dunafon” in unlimited amounts.” That posting stated also, “at BaRed, 437 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 100, Denver, CO, on Friday, September 26, 2014 from 5-7 p.m.”

    So critical thinking criminals or ignorant, does “American corporations” mean either no money “from anyone” or does American corporations mean “not taking money from vested interests”?

    The liberty-minded criminals or ignorant, does voting or asking questions of a non-elected mayor without receiving harassment by Glendale police department or criminals linked through Shotgun Willie’s apply to liberty?

    He’s just mad that their bogus “Riverwalk” plan submitted for the RTA failed outright. Zero investors for that when submitted, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city and zero investors stepped forward. The police captain, Gross, is in charge of the secret investors? At minimum he can check them through NCIS to verify they aren’t undercover agents. As Scott Black did, the Glendale city police officer who is in federal prison (Feb 2014) for aiding drug dealing.

    If you’re ignorant and support this guy, wake up, for many supporters know exactly what Mike Dunafon is about, and they fool the fools, don’t be one.

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