Proposed changes to U.S. history curriculum in JeffCo schools lampooned on Twitter

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GOLDEN, Colo. — A proposal by the Jefferson County School Board to change the Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum has drawn national attention — and now lampooning on Twitter.

Under the proposal, “Materials should promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free enterprise system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights. Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law. Instructional materials should present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage.”

The proposal has resulted in teacher sickouts that canceled classes at Standley Lake and Conifer high schools on Friday. And this week, students at some high schools in Jefferson County walked out of classes to protest.

And Twitter has been lighting up, lampooning the controversy. Under the Twitter hashtag #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory,  hilarious tweets have been sent out that detail what the revised history could be taught if the proposal goes through.

Some of the better ones, though you could spend all day scrolling through the posts and be highly entertained:




  • Codswallop Hogwash

    Stupid examples, and a total misunderstanding of what the School Board meant. In the current system of political bias and distortion as taught by the Left Wing teachers, the emphasis, as at History Colorado, is the negative. The good things that were done get no coverage. The result is brain-washed students who have no clue as to which is the truth. And that is why they are out supporting those same awful teachers.
    You could just about pick out the brain washers by figuring out the students and their classes. Then fire those teachers. They are doing real harm both to the students and the country.

    • Glenn Hefley

      Not really: McGraw-Hill School Education – United States Government — Now the Current Text in the state of Texas after pulling this exact ‘investigation’, finding the text not suitable and creating their own text.
      Text Book mentions Moses and claims that the“biblical idea of a covenant, an ancient Jewish term meaning a special kind of agreement between the people and God,influenced the formation of colonial governments and contributed to our constitutional structure.”

      What’s Wrong?
      The American Founders did believe in asocial contract, but their version of that contract was derived primarily from modern British political thought, and John Locke’s thought in particular. Since Locke’s version of the social contract was in many ways a repudiation of the biblical covenant view referenced in this passage,this passage provides the student with almost the opposite of the historical truth.

  • jb

    We need to be realistic and start teaching common sense-and make it mandatory . Children these days only learn from the television and internet, and there is a lot of nonsense that they pick up. This society was forged from social and political upheaval, and civic unrest. The teachers themselves should attend these classes, the United States of America
    is about change from the bottom to the top, and sugar coating slavery, or political upheaval is not the way to teach our children. They need to see what kind of effort and sacrifices those who fought against injustice have given for us to be free. Freedom isn’t rainbows and unicorns, and should NOT be taken lightly! Otherwise we will soon be back to unjust punishments and taxation on our freedom. By the way, thank you Dr. King, you opened my eyes and I shall be ever vigilant encouraging differences of all people. Being a white kid in Detroit in 1968 really changed me forever, I am, and will be better for it.

  • SpamFace Plant

    Ignoring the CO Constitution requirement for ALL SCHOOL Districts mandatory requirement for curriculum review. How convenient for the teachers union and their salt mouth piece students, 90% or more who do not have the ability nor drive to attend/complete AP coursework, but seek another day off hanging on the curb.

  • ghefley

    Open Letter to Fox News host Gretchen Carlson

    The very fact that your historic knowledge is so atrophied that you would not only condone such editing of the AP history books, but voice this hatred and vileness at these kids is extremely telling. These are AP books, readying the students for College Level History. At the COLLEGE LEVEL they will be confronted with and expected to know the information you are saying should be edited.

    This is not your political agenda! It is their future.

    The School Board is tasked and has accepted the Federal Money to have these AP classes. The purpose for the funds and the classes is the readiness of the student’s education. AP is Advanced Placement. This Board has taken the money, and is now refusing to teach what is expected for the AP class. This is called Fraud. So, you condone the act of Fraud being perpetrated on these kids, and then insult them when they refuse to accept being swindled.

    Is that American? To rip off money from the Government and then force your views against those who have been entrusted to you? Is that Patriotic?

    It doesn’t matter if it is or not.. it is Criminal. They have no right or authority to alter the curriculum given to the school by the AP program. They can give back the money and not have an AP program. That they can do. But you can’t have both.

    Fox News condoning and promoting this criminal actively is .. well.. almost expected.

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