Parent finds content in middle school library book about suicide inappropriate for that age group

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- The Adams 12 Five Star School District will take another look at a library book that has one parent concerned.

The book:  “Fall for Anything,” which deals with the subject of suicide, has language in it that one parent at Century Middle School, in Thornton,  found to be offensive, so the school district is reviewing its content to see if the book should remain on its library shelf.

Some of the language and content is adult in nature.

The book is not part of class curriculum.

The district is reminding parents to take an active interest in what their children are reading.



  • Griffen

    Take an active interest in what your children are reading…that’s a great thing! But banning books because you don’t think it’s appropriate? Maybe it’s not appropriate for you, Nazi. But what right do you have to decide for others? And what right does any one have to decide what is or is not appropriate for any given person who wishes to read it? Don’t get me wrong; I have two children and while I don’t WANT my nine-year-old reading Fifty Shades of Grey for the next…um…forty years…I won’t be challenging libraries from keeping it on their shelves. If you don’t like something in a book, don’t read it! But keep your little book burning to your own home and stay the Hell out of libraries!

  • BJ

    I will agree it isn’t age appropriate and that’s most likely why you go to sites like AMAZON and you see for grades 9 and up. It shouldn’t be banned, move it to the High School Library, where it belongs. I do question what “Professional” reviews the staff used to deem this appropriate. Most sites that libraries order from like, Edelweiss, would clearly list the recommended level, as would the reviewers that they use.

  • sarah

    Clearly, sheltering our children from any and every book with content that might be sensitive will make the world a better place.

    How about taking the time to educate children of all ages about situations and ideas that exist in the real world (that an 11 year old is expected to live in independently in only 7 years) so that they can be prepared instead?

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