Drug ring offered ‘side of meth’ out of Denver food truck

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ADAMS COUNTY — Five was the lucky number in what was one of the biggest methamphetamine busts in state history, according to the Colorado Attorney General.

The state announced a seizure of 55 pounds of meth on Monday, with Attorney General John W. Suthers saying five wiretaps helped cap off five weeks of work.

Suthers said 17 individuals were arrested following seizure, and that by taking them off the streets, law enforcement agencies put a “significant dent in the meth trade in Adams County.”

Some of the drug ring’s activities could be described as covert, including the alleged transport of meth across state lines in a secret compartment in the floorboard of Oscar Ruvalcaba’s Mini Cooper.

Other activities were downright brazen, including operating out of a food truck where customers “could literally walk up and order a side of meth with their taco,” Suthers said.

The food truck was primarily located at West 8th Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Denver, which is just south of Sports Authority Field.

The 64-count indictment returned against the drug ring alleges charges that include violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance, Conspiracy, Money Laundering, and Tax Evasion.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 37, was indicted as the leader of the ring, which was known as the Gonzalez Drug Trafficking Organization.

“Gonzalez coordinated with others to primarily import meth as well as cocaine from Mexico into California for delivery in Colorado,” the attorney general’s office wrote in a press release.

According to the indictment, upon receipt of the drugs, Gonzalez would distribute them primarily through his aunts, Monica Gonzalez, 54, and Luz Gonzalez, 50, to sell to customers.

Maria Arellano, 39, was the ring member accused of selling the meth out of her taco trailer.



  • Tont Spilatro

    Welcome to Federale Boulevard…..I’ve heard about stash sites at the big one at 88th and 76 hidden behind the counterfeit clothing.

  • Parker Adams

    I imagine this either terrifies the sober middle class or gives you a false sense of security. Unfortunately, it is actually EASIER than this to buy elicit drugs. Even if you’re a simple bigot. The war on drugs has failed, what now?!! Seriously, any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    For all you racist white people, most of the people arrested and convicted in this case were white people. The Mexicans were just the leaders of all your fellow national citizens.

  • Allie

    The Attorney General should investigate all the taco stands and food trucks parked off of Havana and 25th Ave. on every Saturday and Sunday. I would guarantee more drugs would be found. It’s a nightmare and disgusting how we have allowed the new Stapleton area to turn into Tijuana.

  • Hey Now

    I love me some tacos! Just because one taco stand had drugs in it definitely doesn’t mean they all do! I love authentic cheap Mexican food! It’s part of Colorado now, along all the Pho’s and other cultural restaurants or stands! Denver Metro is diverse, and you better get used to it. Now if you think that Stapleton is a mini Tijuana then you may as well move. There’s not going to be any less families moving here…

  • Chicana Girl

    Not ALL Hispanics are the same! You can’t judge one for another ones actions!!! All people do horrible things! Whites, Blacks, Russians, Hispanics, Koreans, ect……. All do bad and some do Good!! We shouldn’t be judged for what others do just because of your race!!!
    Only God can judge!!!

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