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Democrats play the abortion card — against Beauprez too

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Colorado GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez during an appearance with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at Sam's No. 3 last month.

DENVER — Colorado’s U.S. Senate race has been dominated by women’s health issues, which Democrats have focused on almost exclusively in an effort to replicate a successful 2010 strategy of winning women swing voters by defining the Republican pro-life candidate as too extreme on issues of choice.

Increasingly, the state’s unexpectedly close gubernatorial contest is following suit.

On Monday, Colorado Democrats released a new video slamming GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez for vowing in 2006, when he first ran for governor, to sign a bill outlawing abortions even in cases of rape or incest.

The video suggests Beauprez’s position is at odds with his recent statement that he’s not interested in getting involved in women’s personal health decisions.

“Congressman Beauprez understands that his extreme ideologies aren’t shared by a majority of Coloradans, so he’s doing everything he can to hide his record,” said Jennifer Koch, the executive director of the Colorado Democratic Party.

“To believe that a victim of rape or incest should be forced to have her rapists baby proves that Congressman Beauprez is a dangerous extremist, who as Governor, would be a threat to the freedoms of Colorado’s women.”

Beauprez reaffirmed his position, stating that he only favors abortion in cases where the life of the pregnant mother is at risk, during an interview on FOX31 Denver’s #COpolitics: From The Source last month.

Recent polls have shown Beauprez within striking distance — and, in some cases, even ahead of — Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, thought to be a lock for reelection just months ago.

Democrats continue to hammer Gardner for support of federal personhood bill

On the Senate side, Republican Cory Gardner’s campaign has begun to amp up its criticism of Udall’s unrelenting focus on women’s health issues, saying that he can’t talk about anything else.

Udall’s campaign, undeterred, took the opportunity Monday to “celebrate” the six month anniversary of Gardner’s “professed change of heart on Colorado’s personhood measure”, noting in its own video that he continues to sponsor federal legislation that is tantamount to the statewide ballot measure (Gardner continues to claim it’s not).

And a new TV ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee hitting the airwaves Monday makes the exact same argument, pointing to Gardner’s ongoing support for the federal Life Begins at Conception Act, which would ban abortion and many forms of birth control.



  • Duke Paulsen

    When will the DDemocRATic Party quit hammering us with commercials that are pushing a woman’s (and their Doctor’s) “right” to Murder the un-born???

    Oh, I know why! They’re putting into practice all the stuff they’ve read in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” book. That’s what their “playbook” is.

  • Juan Moore Illegal

    If a man and woman are married, can the wife choose to have an abortion without the father’s consent? Truly curious.

  • Matt Good

    Conviently, the Dems overlook fast and furious guns to the Mexican drug cartel, Benghazi, Obamacare, failed foreign policy, failed economic policy…and on, and on, and on. They are aware that if the voters are reminded of the failures of this administration, they will have a difficult time getting their candidates elected.Therefore lies, and innuendos is what they resort to because they know that is all they have to offer to the AMERICAN citizens.

  • Fast45

    All of your comments will be gone very soon here … this “taco stand” of a website is as low-budget as a chicken run vehicle. Anybody who clicks onto the “report comment” icon deletes your opinions. No staffer at KDVR ever looks at it.

  • ColoNativeRN

    Really Eli?? Your democrats are in DEEEEEEP trouble and YOU KNOW IT! ALL Chickenlooper has is scare tactics about women’s rights…just like Udall. This is the democratic strategy when they have NOTHING of substance and ALL they can do is distort and deflect attention away from themselves and their horrible track record!
    ****LET’S REMIND voters of Chickenlooper’s record of the:
    ** Great Colorado Gun grab
    **Commuting Convicted mass murderer Nathan Dunlop’s death sentence.
    ***THREATENING voters if he is not re elected, he will pardon Nathan Dunlop
    ***KNOW that IF Chickenlooper was re elected, he would commute the death sentence of James Holmes; Aurora Theater Shooter, as soon as Holmes trial ends with a conviction and death sentence.
    ***Remember that Chickenlooper pushed to ALLOW ILLEGALS to gain VALID Colorado Driver’s Licenses
    ***Chickenlooper pushed to change how we do recall elections AFTER his bedroom buddies Giron and Morse were recalled for their support of gun restrictions.
    *******CHicenlooper, like Udall, like Eli Stokols are all liars and cheats that need to be driven from our society with NO MORE REGARD, than discarding rotten apples from a barrel!

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