CDOT wants your opinion about massive I-70 expansion project

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DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation is gearing up for one of the biggest road expansion projects ever launched in metro Denver.

The plans call for reconstructing I-70 from I-25 to Tower Road. CDOT wants to know what your opinion about the project and how to improve traffic flow on the highway before it finalizes its plans.

The CDOT proposal calls for adding additional lanes along the entire 12-mile stretch of road.

It would also tear down the aging viaduct between Brighton and Colorado boulevards.

Part of the Interstate would go below grade and part of it would be covered with a park for some of the neighborhoods around the Brighton Blvd. area.

Construction isn't going to start for at least two years. But CDOT knows people have questions and criticisms about the massive project and it is holding a series of public meetings to hear them.

The public meetings are taking place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.




  • Craig white

    My issue is with the below grade portion. Sounds like a tunnel. Do we not remember what happens in tunnels. Ex Stapleton runways. Traffic will naturally. Slow. All for adding lanes.

  • Old Coyote

    Step 1: Put I-70 below grade.
    Step 2: Now that I-70 is below grade, property values will go up and neighborhood will become gentrified.
    Step 3: Poor people in the neighborhood, whose families have been there 75-100 years, move somewhere else. We don’t care where.
    Step 4: Profit!

      • greenie

        By making it more expensive to live in your own home due to taxes, increase in costs of living in a more expensive area. Go look up what gentrification means in a web search.

  • Bobn Eger

    Whatever is done will only be a cosmetic, only, solution. All the money and time spent on “The Tech Center” improvements made littler no difference, but it looks nicer. All the improvements to the south end of I-225 are very pretty but not even a little improvement in traffic tie ups. The same will happen to this new I-70 project. Billions spent while we drivers face road construction delays. The end result will be much prettier, for sure but will not help or help very little traffic congestion.
    How about spending less on being pretty and add more lanes instead. Not just 4-5 lanes but 6 or eight on either side. Make it for the future increase in traffic, not to handle only current traffic numbers Do this, save millions and be happy we can move around town easily. Pretty is nice but I would rather spend less time on the highways. Without congestion I can get there much faster.

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