Stolen border collies safely recovered in Boulder

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BOULDER, Colo. —A pair of border collies who were inside a car when it was apparently stolen Friday afternoon were recovered Saturday morning.

Cheryl Firby said she left the car running with her dogs inside while she ran into Pharmaca at 2700 North Broadway in Boulder Friday afternoon. The vehicle and the dogs were apparently missing when she went back about 12:48 p.m.

The car was located Saturday morning in the 2800 block of Broadway. The dogs were safely recovered.

A woman who lives in the neighborhood allegedly told Firby she believed the dogs had been locked in the car for hours and took them overnight out of concern for their safety, Firby said. She contacted Firby upon hearing police reports about the stolen car, she allegedly said.

However, Firby speculated that the woman may have accidentally taken the car instead of her own — a similar recent-model silver Audi, Firby said.

Police were investigating the incident to determine if any crimes were committed.