Trash talking ramps up in Seattle ahead of Super Bowl rematch with Broncos

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SEATTLE -- In just two days, the Broncos get their Super Bowl rematch against the Seattle Seahawks.

In the months, weeks and now days leading up to Sunday's game, the trash talk is intensifying -- and there's a growing buzz in the Emerald City ahead of the game as the Broncos will try to avenge their 43-8 debacle in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Seahawks.

Even on sports talk radio in Seattle, the radio guys are taking shots.

ESPN Seattle created a parody, poking fun at a Denver Post article referring to the Seahawks' Super Bowl win as "somewhat fluky." The reference was made after the Broncos beat Seattle 21-16 in the preseason at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Chances are, the Seattle folks will continue to joke around and mock Denver, something Broncos fans living in Seattle are tired of dealing with.

“I thought they already got their big revenge," ESPN Seattle radio host Mike Salk said. "It matters. I saw the big headline in the paper. It matters when you beat a team in the preseason. And your QBs play for a series or two.”

"Seahawks have no culture here as far as sports," said Kevin Maynard, a Broncos fan living in Seattle. "You’ve got fans when they’re winning."

Added Broncos fan Christina Mangan: "I think it’s gonna be a good game. I think it’s gonna be a close game. I think we may actually pull through on this one."

Regardless, the Seahawks are the reigning champions and a Broncos win is just one way to avenge the Super Bowl loss.

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