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Six more plaintiffs claim they were given pot chocolate at Denver County Fair

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DENVER — Six more plaintiffs have been added to a lawsuit  against a Denver County Fair vendor they claim gave them pot-laced chocolate bars.

Multiple people say they became extremely sick after sampling “Full Melt” candy bars, handed out by the LivWell vendor at the fair’s pot pavilion in early August

One man said immediately that he planned to sue. The six new people were added to the same suit, lawyers said.

The fair had a strict “no pot” policy.

At least three alleged victims say the vendor specifically told them there was no marijuana in the candy.

“They told us there was nothing in them. They were free samples anyone could have grabbed. I asked the vendor twice and they told me no there’s nothing in them,” says Kari Mitchell.

It was a big scare for all three of them. They did not enjoy the effects they felt and doctors say it can be dangerous when you eat something and you don’t realize it has marijuana in it.

Two men went to the hospital and tested positive for THC. Everyone recovered.