Baseball card bought on eBay for $170 could be worth $2 million for Nevada man

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SPARKS, Nev. — A Nevada man believes he hit the jackpot — and not at one of the state’s casinos.

Jason Mars spends time looking for deals on eBay and last month he came across a rare Honus Wagner card, one of only 57 known to exist.

“All of a sudden, it was going from $50 to $60 to $70, and within five minutes up real quick, and then went up to $150,” Mars told KRNV. “So I did my last bid at $170, all the money I had in my eBay account, you know, and just hoping and praying that nobody else would bid.”

Mars’ bid was the winner.

“I was just stressed, stressed going, ‘OK, this could be a reprint, this could be something different, this could be not what he saying,'” Mars told KRNV. “When I opened up the package, open real slow like this and went, ‘Oh my God, it is the real one. It’s the real deal.’”

Mars will try to verify the card, but three experts have told him it is — and it could be worth up to $2 million.



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