Up to $300,000 stolen from Home Depot customers’ ATM accounts

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(Credit: MGN Online)

DENVER — Yet another data breach at Home Depot.

However, this most recent heist is different from earlier incidents because instead of using your card for online purchases, thieves are making their own cards and stealing cash

The same security firm that warned customers about the Home Depot data breach now reports a national bank has seen close to $300,000 stolen from Home Depot’s customer ATM accounts.

The firm reports thieves use the same software that stole that data to gather customer information allowing them can recreate a customer’s ATM card and steal money.

The news surprised Home Depot customers who say this new warning will have them checking their bank accounts often,

“I use a debit card, which you have to keep an eye on that too they can get that number too,” Ron Mikelson said. “But I watch everything that goes in and out of my statement.”

But local security experts tells us monitoring the accounts alone isn’t sufficient. They say the best protection is to ditch the old ATM card for a new one

“The CV Numbers, the data,” said Charles Tendell, founder of Azorian Cyber Security. “That’s all I really need to create a mock card.”

The theft of data could affect some 40 million card holders who used their card at any Home Depot store in April.

Home Depot has said it would not hold people responsible for fraudulent activity, but it’s not clear if that includes actual cash stolen. If you have concerns you can contact your local home depot store.

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