Teen faces 2 years in jail for simulating sex act with Jesus statue

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A teen was sentenced to two years in juvenile jail for posting photos of his simulating sex acts on this statue of Jesus in Everett, Penn. (Credit: WTAJ-TV)

EVERETT, Penn. — A Pennsylvania teen faces two years in juvenile jail after posting photos of himself simulating sex acts with a statue of Jesus on Facebook.

According to WTAJ-TV, the year-old statue, which depicts Jesus kneeling to pray, sits just outside the Love in the Name of Christ Ministry Center in Everett, a rural town in southern Pennsylvania.

Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins told WTAJ that the 14-year-old was charged with desecration of a venerable object, a law that hasn’t been commonly used since it was put on the books in 1927.

If the teen is convicted under the law, he could face up to two years in juvenile jail.

Higgins told the TV station he thought it was important to taken advantage of the legislative powers given him under the rarely utilized law because of how “proud” the teen appeared to be of his actions.

“The only reason that it was done was to offend people,” Higgins said. “If you want to engage in that type of behavior, there are consequences.”

After receiving criticism on social media, the ministry center wanted to make it clear that they did not press charges against the teen, who has personally apologized to the ministry center’s owners.

Instead, the organization told WTAJ they would be happy to see the teen serve nothing more than community service, and that they would be happy to have the teen perform that community service at their ministry center.



  • jj

    Curious, Robert – do you find the actual act funny? Or the story in general with the pending sentence/community service?

  • Brenn

    ” Community Service ”
    Who cares!!! People take ridiculous pictures with statues all the time, people are only offended because its an, image of”Jesus”. People need to settle down and stop being so over sensitive

  • Perry Wheat

    The charges Higgins is placing are completely nonsensical. People pose with statues all the time, and do you see them being charged with the same charges? No. Because you got butthurt over a picture. Big. Fucking. Deal.

  • Anonymous

    Typical narrow minded christian thinking, “The only reason that it was done was to offend people”. That’s the only reason? How about to entertain people? Oh, that’s right. You couldn’t possibly imagine other people might not see the world the same way you do, and therefore don’t give two shits about jesus.

  • Glenn

    What a place to live. When the narrow minded religious people don’t have anything better to do than prosecute a 14 year old boy for posing with a statue. And the one that has reported him, isn’t he the one who did something sexual, was it adultery. Yeah Bill Higgins is not the right man to talk about doing the right thing. What a f*ker!!

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