RGA and DGA release dueling TV ads, prompting Hickenlooper to go on air early

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An actor portrays Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper preparing to film a TV commercial in the latest ad from the Republican Governors Association.

DENVER — A new TV ad from the Republican Governors Association, which began airing Thursday, shows an actor portraying Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper primping on the set before taping an ad.

“John Hickenlooper loves making campaign ads,” the narrator begins. “But he despises making tough decisions.”

Hickenlooper, a Democrat seeking reelection who has famously disavowed attack ads, is responding — with a TV ad.

An email from Hickenlooper’s campaign manager Thursday informs supporters that they’ve decided to go up with their first ad of the election season next week, a week ahead of its anticipated release date — a response, they claim, to the RGA ad and also, potentially, private polling showing a close race.

The campaign told FOX31 its first ad will likely hit the airwaves Tuesday.

The RGA ad attacks Hickenlooper on the familiar theme of leadership, broadly stating that he’s “punted, backtracked and made excuses for screwing up” on the execution of Nathan Dunlap, immigration and gun control.

In the spot, an actor portraying Hickenlooper is shown on a soundstage ahead of a commercial taping, sitting in a director’s chair and passing a half-drunk lager to an assistant before standing up, just as someone holds up a sign that says, “Stop Saying Clemency.”

That’s a reference to Hickenlooper’s comments in a CNN documentary slated to air Sunday night that he would consider granting Dunlap full clemency before leaving office should he lose the election to Bob Beauprez, who has vowed to see Dunlap’s execution carried out.

“This election isn’t about what Hick says when the cameras are rolling, it’s about what he doesn’t do when the spotlight is on,” the narrator says.

Also Thursday, the Democratic Governors Association released its first TV ad attacking Beauprez.

The 30-second spot focuses on Beauprez’s past as a banker and his votes as a congressman to help bankers.

“In Colorado, he owned a bank worth $400 million. Then he went to Congress and co-sponsored a bill to make it easier for banks like his to get away with risky practices,” says the ad’s narrator.

“And Beauprez passed another bill to make it easier for banks to foreclose on people’s homes, helping lead to the financial crisis and crushing property values.”

Beauprez sold Heritage Bank in 2006 for $72 million.



  • Anonymous

    Hickenlooper is done. He cooked his own goose with his Bloomberg anti-gun Kao tow and taking the cowards approach on Nathan Dunlap.

    Just like Morse and Giron he’ll be kicked to the curb in November. Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    At least the banker has a track record of DECISION MAKING!
    Better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission!

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