Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Udall in Jefferson County Friday

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, will campaign in Colorado Friday on behalf of Sen. Mark Udall.

DENVER — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the darling of the Democratic base, will campaign with Colorado Sen. Mark Udall in Jefferson County on Friday.

Warren, who is also attending a private fundraiser for Udall, will appear along with Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and Congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Golden, at the campaign’s Jefferson County field office to kick off its canvassing operation in the state’s biggest bellwether.

The group is set to rally supporters at 2:15 at the office located at 3258 Youngfield Street in Wheat Ridge.

Warren, who remains the most desired 2016 alternative to Hillary Clinton among a large swath of the Democratic base, has said repeatedly that she has no plans to run for president.

Udall is locked in a close race with Republican Congressman Cory Gardner of Yuma, a battle that could determine control of the Senate next year.

Both candidates have been tacking toward the political center in a state where unaffiliated voters account for one third of the overall electorate.

Warren, however popular with progressives, has been outspoken in her criticisms of Walls Street and the country’s persistent income gap between the rich and the poor.

So don’t be surprised that Republicans are already using Warren’s visit to brand Udall, who went to great lengths to avoid campaigning in Denver alongside President Obama earlier this summer, as a liberal Democrat.

“It’s hard to find a Senator more partisan and more outside the mainstream than Elizabeth Warren, so it speaks volumes that Mark Udall is inviting her to campaign for his reelection,” the RNC’s Michael Short told FOX31 Denver Wednesday. “As if supporting President Obama 99 percent of the time wasn’t enough proof that Udall has not been the independent voice he promised he would be, his appearance with Senator Warren should remove all doubt.”

The sheer number of public events scheduled with Warren indicated that Udall’s campaign views her appearance as one that is likely to be a net positive politically.



  • coloradocommish

    WOW… It’s like a “Looney Left” Convention…. I hope she’ll allow us on the roads that she built.

  • Sharkdiver

    This woman is as incompetent and brain dead as Obama. She pushed Obamacare, illegal immigration and gun grabbing. Colorado needs to give Udall the boot.

  • Lakewood Ed

    First Pelosi, now Warren. Not exactly the ones to attract undecided independents. It’s like they’re here to get a disillusioned Democrat base out to vote.

  • Smartone

    All the Dems talk about is the right to an abortion. News flash, that not going to change. They do not talk about, lack of jobs, the economy, NSA over reach, IRS corruption, DOJ coruption, inflation, imigration, What happend in Benghazi, ISIL and how to combat them, the outrageous nation debt approaching 18.000,000,000,000, just to name a few.

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