2 in custody after C-470 shut down for reports of armed suspects on ridge

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies took a man and woman into custody and accused them of menacing after there were reports of armed suspects on a ridge along C-470 Monday evening.

Authorities closed  C-470 as a precaution. They initially said said the guns may be BB guns and deputies had two people in custody. Deputies also say no one was shot or shot at during the incident.

The suspects, charged with menacing, were identified as Gabrielle Shirk and Travis Johnson.

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley later said no guns were recovered and two people were being questioned who may or may not be part of the incident.

Radio communications among deputies indicated at least two more might be at large with "long rifles." That information was not confirmed by authorities.

C-470 reopened to traffic a little after 7 p.m., and the scene started to clear.

There were major traffic backups on C-470 in both directions as a result of the operation.

The sheriff's office sent a tweet that said, "No second chances when dealing w/ reports of weapons and a possible danger to the public. Safety 1st in #Jeffco.





  • Jasonn

    “Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley later said no guns were recovered and two people were being questioned who may or may not be part of the incident.”

    Sounds to me like a real “Charlie Foxtrot” with two people detained for no apparent reason. What are you dummies doing to the citizens over there?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, you make that judgement based on a newspaper article that has no facts on it. You probably believe that a cop in Ferguson shot a poor innocent child in cold blood.

    • thisismyboomstick

      Sounds like you need to improve your reading comprehension wherever you are which obviously isn’t here because if you WERE here you would know that in that area there are 2 ridges that overlook 4 packed lanes of C-470, a well used recreation path, a golf course and an apartment complex. Furthermore it wasn’t for “no apparent reason” and, for what is a pretty short article, you apparently couldn’t figure out the reason was a report of 2 people with long guns. Do you really think the SO isn’t going to investigate a call like that? If the 2 people weren’t involved and it was much ado about nothing then we’ll all move along with our lives.

  • MaDizz

    Sorry but a similar incident happened to my son and his friends on that ridge a few weeks ago. I am glad the Sheriff’s department have responded this way. For two hours my son and his friends lay stranded in the night sheltered by only a boulder while bullets blazed overhead and around them.

  • Anonymous

    1. Guns are not illegal, being in possession of one does not make you a ‘suspect’.
    2. Hunting season just started, there are likely to be MANY people walking around with rifles.
    3. Open carry of firearms in Jefferson county is completely legal with the exception of county buildings.

    Lets stop being scared of nothing, some soccer mom probably saw these people and freaked, then the two law abiding citizens (from what the story says no shots fired, no guns recovered) were probably held at gun point by cops and hundreds more were inconvenienced on the highway and for what? To appease some scared lady, why not take the call as a chance to educate the public and yourselves.

    • thisismyboomstick

      Since you continue to flail away and and be wrong let me help you out:

      1. “C.15.a. It shall be unlawful to openly carry firearms… while on Open Space lands” So depending on exactly where they were standing they were on private property that belongs to an apartment complex or they were on Jeffco Open Space land.

      2. You cannot be this stupid. There isn’t ANY hunting adjacent to C-470.

      3. No. See #1.

    • Mary

      So – now that there has been an update to the story (“Affidavit: C-470 closure sparked by threat against deputies tearing down campsite”), are you going to apologize for jumping to conclusions? Seems that threatening to shoot the Jeff Co sheriffs who were tearing down the tent in the underpass qualifies as a valid reason to secure the area – or would you prefer that the sheriffs involved not take a threat like that seriously and someone get shot?

      By the way – while it may be hunting season, a RESPONSIBLE gun owner/hunter is hardly likely to either hunt or go out for target practice that close to a highway.

  • Test

    Even an umbrella mistaken for a gun brings a huge cop response, but a motorist that is actually endangering people gets a fourth rate response. I know I’ve tried to report car crime. It gets no response. We had a DUI spin out and get his truck stuck to a tree. The cops were there over an hour later, the perp was long gone. So much for “safety”.

  • Regan Benson

    JCSO got overly excited for another big TV Highway Debut of a deputy chasing down an armed suspect. C’mon people- give them credit for all their hard work in keeping people safe. They know what they are doing- they arrested some people for menacing.

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