Man nearly loses everything when woman makes up story of kidnap, rape

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GREELEY, Colo. -- A Weld County woman was convicted of three felonies Thursday for falsely accusing a young man of kidnapping and raping her.

Katherine Elizabeth Bennett, 21, claimed a male acquaintance, Dustin Toth, took her from a Safeway store parking lot in Windsor on Nov. 24, 2013, and subsequently raped her. But her story, which changed several times, was later proven false, prosecutors said.

"It was very consensual ...  we went downstairs to watch movies and later became inimate," Toth says.

Over the course of the investigation, Bennett deleted text messages proving that her initial report was false and carried on with her fabricated story, police said.

“Because of her initial report, a Windsor man was arrested for investigation of serious felonies that caused him to lose his job and damaged his reputation in the community,” prosecutors said in a media release.

“He was not charged, but the hardships due to his arrest and the publicized allegations continued for this young man, who testified that he nearly lost his military career as well because of the false allegations from a woman he considered to be a friend.”

"It was hard, It still is hard. I lost jobs. I wasn't able to find a job for months because of my record," Toth says. "It was all dropped which is why I was able to stay with the military."

Bennett will be sentenced on Oct. 24. She could face up to nine years in prison.



  • Katie

    I know the kid that was falsely accused and 90% of the issue was that the media crucified him before this was thoroughly investigated. News outlets are so worried about being scooped that they don’t hold off their story for the truth. I’m looking at you Channel 7.

    • Anonymous

      Oh of course not… The police, false accuser should have to issue him a public apology..I hope he sues everyone involved and wins.

  • Anonymous

    She needs to get the prison that poor man would have gotten, plus fined to high heaven, the money given to falsely accused

  • Anonymous

    The police, the DA, the judge, the false accuser should all have to give public apologies to that man.I hope he sues everyone to high heave and wins. To Katie, it happened to us as well. If at all , possible i would like to talk to the young man bc it happened to us as well.

    • Wendy N Barnes

      The prosecutor never charged him. The police can arrest someone based on eyewitness evidence. The bad actors here are the media and Bennett. Keep your pants zipped until you know someone very well. And don’t sleep with psychos.

  • Anonymous

    She could face 9 years in prison while a boulder cop with more feloney s gets off with no prison time. W T F

    • Anonymous

      Nice isn’t it? NOT. I’ve known for yrs that what applies to reg citizens DOESN’T apply to CRIMINAL COPS. SAD, and they want to wonder why we dont trust the courts, DA’s, cops.

    • Mighty Mike

      Because the boulder cop didn’t destroy someone’s life but his own. That’s why. Not all felonies are equal

  • Anon

    I am so happy to see justice served finally! There are more falsely accused people sitting in jail then ever before. The whole legal system needs to be re worked so this type of thing does not happen again.

    • tbackstrom

      Our legal system runs on unsubstantiated allegations. Just look at Ferguson, MO. The governor was calling for convictions even before the investigation had finished.

  • TMBackstrom

    Hopefully she receives in triplicate everything that is due her in life while in prison. She definitely deserves it!

  • Snood

    Oh lawdy, lawdy, the media notices an injustice that they, themselves helped create. Now, their conscience is clear, and they can forget about the thousands of others whom this has also happened to, and who lives they helped destroy … Ain’t blind, radical feminism the bomb?

  • Hullenbeck

    Nine police officers who were arresting this guy and many of the nine pointing guns at an unarmed man. This is why the police can make you puke. An unarmed man? This is the type of thing I used to talk about with my father. We would hear about things like 10 officers stopping a car on the highway. Now getting back to arrest where where someone is
    supposed to be deemed innocent until proven guilty. The police, the prosecutors, etc. had already convicted this guy.
    There are so many unpatriotic people in this country and they are no necessarily the illegals who brought themselves here. Just look at a few DAs and prosecutors and police.

  • Suzi Wells Kennedy

    there is a man in prison, serving a life sentence for a false accusation such as this. He has served 8 years for this false conviction. We are asking everyone to research his story and support his fight as he appeals his case this week in Boulder County. Information about his case can be found on a facebook page his sister created, Set Victor Norman Hansen Free.

  • Jeremy

    I went thought AIT with Dustin, he was one of my good friends and is a hard working soldier. This girl is a POS. I hope she gets everything she deserves.

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