That’s a good girl: Pit bull hailed a hero after saving boy from bees

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Hades the pit bull grabbed Jesse-Cole Shaver by the leg of his pants after he couldn't get away from a swarm of bees in Oregon City, Ore.

OREGON CITY, Ore. — An Oregon City family is calling their pit bull a hero.

Tuesday evening, a group of kids were playing near a creek down a steep embankment behind their apartment complex when one of the kids stepped on a rotten log, unleashing a swarm of bees, KPTV reported.

The kids tried making their way back up the hill toward home for help, but 8-year-old Jesse-Cole Shaver couldn’t.

Luckily, that’s when “Hades” did her doggone best to help, grabbing Jesse-Cole by the leg of his pants.

“Hades saw me and came and dragged me up to the grass and stopped and let me crawl on her back and took me to my mom,” Jesse-Cole told KPTV.

His mother, who did not want to be identified, says she was in her car when she heard the kids screaming and running up the hill surrounded by bees. She was astonished to see her dog dragging her son to safety, after he’d already been stung at least 24 times.

“A couple of these kids could have gotten really sick or died, I’m sure of it,” she said.

Her daughter, Jasmine Jones, 14, was stung five times and is allergic to bees, so she ran to grab her EpiPen while a neighbor called 911. Both children were taken to Willamette Falls Hospital for treatment and were released after a few hours.

“Oh, I thank my puppy,” their mother added. “I’m so glad we adopted her.”

The kids say they won’t go back down the trail behind their apartment ever again.



  • lee77

    People today — and that includes news reporters — will believe anything. I read on another site that there were no tears in the boy’s clothing, which there would have been had he been “dragged” by a dog. Additionally, the dog isn’t that large and even though pit bulls are incredibly strong, there’s no way the dog carried the boy on its back. Furthermore, if the boy was able to stand up and straddle a dog, he could have walked. This story, like all “hero pit bull” stories is either greatly exaggerated or fabricated. More than likely, the apartment complex is giving the family a hard time about having a pit bull on the premises and they made up the story in an attempt to convince people pit bulls are something other than the killing machines anyone with any sense knows they are.

    • Amy

      Since the mother doesn’t want to be identified or have her face on camera, I am very suspicious also. Something is fishy here.

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