Protecting your home as a renter

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DENVER -- How to protect your home from common -- and not-so-common -- pitfalls of being a renter.




  • KH

    I think I missed the story? Came here because I was interested in the content, but all you had was a video and one sentence of article that had nothing to offer. Where was the who? what? when? where? how? etc, for the readers. Wish you had indicated this was just a video story and I would not have wasted my time coming to read the content.

  • Brooke

    How dare you misconstrue the words of Chancey Bush on your news station. She never said she did not have a case because of documentat ion issues. My dear friend is going through so much. Shame on you Fox 31 news for publicly providing false information. I request a public apology for false statementa made against her. If this does not happen I will continue to make formal complaints against your station and take this public. Very disappointed with your unprofessionalism. Fix this or I will take further action.

  • Jordan

    I agree with Brooke. Our friend is going through one of the toughest times in her life and your actions are disrespectful and totally inappropriate. You are supposed to bring factual NEWS to people not lies . I demand an apology or I too will place a formal complaint and take this public. Shame on you FOX.

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