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Police look for digital trail of Littleton ‘swatting’ suspect

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Local law enforcement agencies in Colorado are seeing an increasing number of swatting calls to non-emergency numbers and the prank calls are tying up valuable resources.

In Littleton Wednesday, an entire office building was evacuated after a caller claimed there was an active shooter situation and several people had been shot. Schools in the area were also put into lock-in mode, where students were not able to leave campus and all doors were locked to visitors.

Swatting is when someone calls police using Skype or other internet technology to get back at a person. When the prankster makes the call it appears they are calling from that location.

A second swatting call was made to Lakewood police last night. The male caller claimed to have shot his father several times and was holding his mother hostage. The prank call was posted to YouTube, but Lakewood police are not laughing. “'We`ve seen an upward trend since the summer started” Said Det. Ryan McKone.

According to police records, Lakewood has had six swatting calls since June.

“These swatters are using various methods to disguise themselves, but they do leave evidence behind,” said McKone.

Police are not willing to share what evidence callers leave behind, but that digital trail could lead detectives to the suspect’s front door.


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  • Anonymous

    All those kids in that video should SUE the Littleton police department for excessive force, assault with a deadly weapon, felony menacing, and more. The police are NOT above the law, they should be held accountable as individuals just like everyone else. If they applied even a small amount of critical thinking skills instead of jumping to military tactics they might actually serve a purpose.

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