Broncos’ Peyton Manning fined $8,268 for taunting; ‘It’s money well spent’

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was fined $8,200 for taunting against the Houston Texans' D.J. Swearinger, ESPN reported.

DENVER — Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was fined $8,268 for taunting the Houston Texans’ D.J. Swearinger during Saturday’s preseason game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported.

After throwing a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders, Manning ran downfield and got in the face of Swearinger and the two exchanged words.

Earlier, Swearinger delivered a hit on the Broncos’ Wes Welker that resulted in a third concussion for the receiver.

Manning was penalized on the play and will not appeal the fine.

“I accept the fine. It’s money well spent,” Manning told Mortensen.



  • annpirie

    Actually, Fox 31, you have fewer and less substantive comment makers than any other entity. Now, modify me!

  • Ray Pragmatic Quotidian

    Fox 31 has nothing other to write about than Manning’s fine???. Then, get off the page and let some other worth while information be reported. Seriously, this repeatedly redundant, boring article is the work of high school school newspaper amateurs. Get a job, please. This waste of time “reporting” is pathetic. If you can’t write about something new and informative, DON”T. This is an insult to one’s intelligence…..Just a Thought!!!

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