Brush won’t allow former prison to be converted into marijuana facility

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BRUSH, Colo. — The Brush City Council voted Monday to continue with its moratorium on marijuana sales, preventing a businessman from turning the former High Plains Correctional prison into a facility to cultivate and sell retail marijuana, the Brush News-Tribune reported.

The city held two meetings seeking input from citizens, most of whom were against lifting the moratorium.

A proposal to put the issue to a vote of Brush residents was rejected. The council voted 4-3 to keep the moratorium through 2016.

“There is still too much unknown to go forward,” Councilwoman Vicky Quinlan said. “I say the moratorium stays in place. There is not enough information out there yet to take it to the vote of the people.”

The newspaper said Mayor Chuck Schonberger read a prepared statement in which he had been warned of retaliation if he didn’t vote a certain way.

“I strongly feel we need to vote on this measure. I am in favor of it,” he said.

Nicholas Erker of Fort Morgan bought the prison earlier this year and petitioned the city to reverse the moratorium so he could cultivate and sell marijuana at the facility.



  • randy swopes

    i bieleave the council made a wise decision, and may i ask why I -76 is being called the grand army of the republic highway.

  • Hunter

    I wonder if the people of brush would rather house real criminals there? Anyone wonder why brush is so run down, doesn’t have superb education, or anything appealing other than beautiful farms? I’d imagine it might have something to do with not allowing business in the town. Everyone knows that it’s flowing through brush either way, might as well regulate it, and focus on the much more terrible epidemic(meth and alcohol). Or… Just stay the way you are brush.

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