Rally on CU-Boulder campus remembers Michael Brown, pushes for peace

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DENVER -- On the first day of classes, several students gathered in the middle of the CU-Boulder campus to remember an unarmed Missouri teenager who was killed in a confrontation with police earlier this month.

An estimated one hundred students and staff gathered around sunset to reflect on the Michael Brown case and what it could mean for race relations going forward.

The event, which featured speakers from several different cultures and backgrounds, was also designed to highlight the need for more diversity across America's colleges and universities.



  • ColoradoCommish

    “Unarmed”…. but fresh off of a strong-arm, intimidating, and aggressive robbery of a convenience store…. a physical attack of a police officer, nearly blinding him, and fracturing his skull… an attempt to take the officer’s gun, and, finally, charging the police officer with intent to beat him further…. but, yeah…. he was unarmed.
    Race…. may have nothing to do with the incident…. Unless you want to consider why this young man, allegedly preparing to head off to college, under the influence of marijuana, felt it necessary to incite physical violence against this white officer, merely for asking him to leave the middle of the street?
    I choose to wait until we know ALL the facts…. unlike the much smarter, and educated staff and students at CU-Boulder.

  • Asok Smith

    “read an abbreviated list of the names of African American men and boys killed in what organizers referred to as an extrajudicial capacity since 2012”

    Good thing they didn’t have to read an unabbreviated list of the thousands of African American men and boys who’ve killed each other in extrajudicial drug and gang related activities since 2012: they’d have had to be there all night. But I suppose those deaths are acceptable because the killings were intraracial and therefore not worthy of a vigil?

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to know the mr brown had such a positive effect on the students of cu. I’m sure he would have loved the campus and dorms. It would give him a chance to steal from some rich kids.

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