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Denver police keeping close watch for speeders in school zones

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DENVER -- Police in Denver are on patrol outside schools to protect kids. They're warning drivers about speeding now that school is back in session.

As parents drove up on school zones Monday morning, Denver police were there to remind them to slow down.

Crystal Boylan says she appreciates the police efforts to keep people from speeding through school zones. "Usually around the beginning of the year we see a lot of police around here as well. People get the message really quickly that it's time to slow down and watch for the kids."

Even with traffic guards, big signs and flashing lights, speeding can still be a problem. The speed limit is 20 mph in school zones in Denver.

"It makes a big difference -there's a school down at the end of the block and you should see how fast the cars fly down here," Frank Ooms says.

He lives near a school zone where he says the lights help control speeders.

But when the lights don't do the job, there is always the police to help hammer the message home. And with everyone in a hurry to get children back to school, police are there to help you do so safely.