Students at UNC allowed to bring cats, dogs to live with them in dorm

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GREELEY, Colo. -- The University of Northern Colorado has been invaded by students' pets.

For the first time, students are allowed to bring their pets to live with them in some of the dorms.

Students like junior Morgan Monroe have big lists of items to bring with them as they head to school at UNC.

But this time around, Morgan brought her 17-year-old cat, Bootsie.

The school is letting students bring their dog or cat to campus.

"This is an offering that you can't get anywhere else [in Colorado] and that's an opportunity that we think students would like to come to UNC. That's a new draw to live on campus," says UNC Director of Housing Services Brad Shade.

It's a one-year trial program that involves 21 rooms on the second and third floors of Lawrenson dorm on campus. All 21 rooms have been filled.

"We're gonna' start here and if it goes well, we're willing to expand the program," Shade says.

Morgan feels lucky to be able to bring her feline friend. "We've been really close, like, I've had him forever and so being able to have him here I think is really gonna' help my academics and stuff because I'm not worrying about him at home."

Living away from home in a college dorm can be stressful for a young person, but having your pet with you can definitely ease some of that. Morgan is certain having Bootsie live with her will lower her stress level.

The program is for dogs and cats only. No snakes, rats, birds, gerbils, and turtles. Brad Shade adds, "No lions."

UNC says it knows of no other college in Colorado offering the pet privilege.

There are a handful of schools that allow pets in dorms across the country.