Cause of sickness linked to hotel swimming pool remains unclear

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Swimming Pool

DENVER — The cause of a sickness that hospitalized 13 children after they used a hotel swimming pool Sunday night remained unclear Monday.

The pool at Homewood Suites, 4210 Airport Way, remained closed while the incident was investigated, the Denver Department of Environmental Health reported. An inspector found that the pool’s pH levels were outside the ideal range Monday morning, but it was not clear that the issue was serious enough to sicken someone.

The hotel last tested the pool about noon on Sunday and reported the pH levels were OK at that time.

The victims, who ranged in age from 6-17, had been on a long bus trip, DEH said. It was possible that a factor or combination of factors other than the pool may have contributed to their illness.

The incident began about 8 p.m. Sunday when one of the children vomited and the others said they felt sick. They were all treated and released from the hospital by morning, a Children’s Health spokesperson said.

The incident was classified as a medical issue, not a hazmat event, police said.

Some parents were reportedly watching the children at the time. The hotel confirmed that some swimmers had left the hotel complaining of sickness.

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