Larimer County to spray for mosquitoes in Ft. Collins, in spite of city policy against it

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Mosquitoes are stirring up some controversy in Fort Collins where West Nile virus is a concern.

Public health officials say it's time to start spraying to get rid of the mosquitoes. But a new city policy says they need to have two human cases confirmed first. That hasn't happened yet.

Health officials say it's dangerous to wait to spray.

In a rare move, the county is stepping in to take care of the spraying.

"The county health department has a legal responsibility to control communicable diseases and we think that our authority exists under that law," says Dr. Adrienne Lebailly, Larimer County Public Health Director.

The city says Larimer County is over-stepping its bounds by doing this.

Some residents are concerned potential bad effects the chemicals used might have on pets and wildlife.

The health department will use its emergency funds to pay for the spraying. It will start Friday in the southeast part of Fort Collins and take place between sunset and midnight.