A ‘dream come true:’ Denver man wins role in upcoming ‘Star Wars’ movie

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DENVER -- It's a dream come true for a life-long Star Wars fan as he will have a role in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

He may live and work in Denver, but D.C. Barns is elated to have this opportunity of a lifetime.

Barns has been a fan since the first movie came out way back in 1977. He was a little boy when he became hooked when he saw the movie at Cinema 70 in Colorado Springs.

Barns heard about a recent UNICEF fundraiser that involved the latest Star Wars movie. "The grand prize is to have a walk-on role in the Star Wars movie," he says.

He entered and won in a random drawing. "What I'm hoping for is like a guy walks by in the background because that would be awesome," Barns says.

He has no idea what the story line is in the new movie, the as yet unnamed Episode VII. But none of that matters. "I'm dealing with shock," he laughs.