Plea deal reached in case of pit bull that killed smaller dog

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DENVER -- A bit of justice took place Friday for a woman whose beloved dachshund was killed by another dog inside a 7-Eleven store in Englewood.

The attack happened in May.

Eileen Trujillo had taken her 10-year-old pet to get a treat. But another customer opened the door to the store and a pit bull that was on the loose ran inside and grabbed "Sebastian" by the throat.

The owner of the pit bull, 28-year-old Cara Stan, pleaded guilty Friday to "having a dangerous dog," and a "dog running at large" charge.

"I just don't want anybody else to go through what I did," Eileen Trujillo says. "It was the most devastating thing I've went through in my life. I just hope they do what they're supposed to do."

Stan apologized to Eileen and her family outside the courtroom.

The judge fined her $600 and set another hearing date to determine how much compensation she will pay to Eileen Trujillo.