Denver’s mountain park buffalo herd has record number of calves

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GENESEE PARK, Colo. -- Wrangler Matt Brown isn’t sure if 20 calves is a record for the herd which roams near I-70, but he says, “It might well be!”

No matter, the Denver Mountain Park herd, continues to be a great source of buffalo for ranchers throughout the nation.

“Each spring we sell off calves which help others keep the population of bison growing in the lower 48,” said Brown. “This past fall we did bring in a yearling bull to put pressure on Edson, the five-year-old bull who met the challenge and possibly set a record for calves.”

The 504 acres the herd grazes on is up for renovations, thanks to several grants from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) which distributes lottery funds to parks and recreation projects around the state. While $400,000 from GOCO will be used to make trails and viewing platforms around the south 40 where the bison live, in all $6.8 million will be used to improve the area along I-70 just west of Denver.

The hope is all of the improvements will make for better viewing of the herd.

Trails will be put in on the side of Genesee Mountain which will put people above the herd with a perfect view of the Continental Divide. Since the park belongs to Denver, plans also call for bringing kids up to enjoy nature and seeing one of the greatest symbols of our nation… the mighty buffalo!