Some Douglas County schools get early jump on new year

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- The Douglas County School District is the first to start classes for the new year in the Denver metro area Monday.

At Soaring Hawk Elementary School, teachers, staff, the band and school mascot will welcome students back after summer break. While there will be a little bit of fun Monday morning, the focus is education.

The district launched a new plan that targets students' safety, parents' decision-making, curriculum and teaching techniques, and holding students accountable for their education.

District leaders say they're ready for students to get back in the classrooms. Students can expect new classroom designs, teaching strategies and new technology.

“We have a lot of new technology because of the rotation cycle and the way that our schools have decided to spend those dollars to kind of move away from labs and go more into technology that’s in the hands of students every single day," Superintendent Liz Fagen said.

The district is not only focused on education but nutrition as well. It has partnered with Whole Foods to serve healthy, tasty meals that students will eat.

Not all schools start Monday. Douglas County schools on the conventional and split-fall break have a modified start Aug. 11.




  • Laura

    Really odd to bring a reporter out to an empty school before the sun is all the way up. District administrators are so fearful that a knowledgeable parent will get in front of the camera and tell the truth.

  • Fed up DCSD mom

    Why is this news? Because DCSD Public information office Paula Hans used to work for KDVR, and her husband still does? School starting is not news. This is a fluff piece obviously written by the DCSD propaganda department, which was never necessary before the “reformers” took over the school board.

    You want news about DCSD? Why not report on the fact that district leaders were found guilty of violating the Fair Campaign Practices Act, and to date, have spent over $103,000 defending themselves and appealing, not from any penalty imposed, but only so that they can do it again next election – use our tax dollars to campaign for reformist board members, that is. How about informing the public that the Colorado Department of Education just reported that DCSD teacher turnover between Dec 1, 2012 and Dec 1, 2013 increased by 70% over pre-“reform” years? Or that the district “communications” department costs have increased by over 1,400% over pre-“reform” years, in a propaganda blitz?

    Or the fact that all this wasted money on propaganda and manipulation of the media, is money taken AWAY from the purpose of a public school district – to educate children. We have schools that smell like sewers when it rains. Boilers and roofs that are about to fall apart. Students stuck in overcrowded mobile classrooms with poor ventilation and no running water. Spotty wifi service in a technologically based environment (technology which is paid for by parents, by the way, not by the district, as Fagen would have you believe). The district recently reported it needs $275 million to maintain infrastructure, increasing by $35 million every year, yet they aren’t willing to ask voters for a bond to cover these costs, and instead waste money on propaganda. Creating a rosy picture for the media seems more important to our elected school board and upper administration than maintaining taxpayer assets. And watch out Littleton and Cherry Creek. I hear the reformers are planning to dump enormous amounts of money into your next school board elections as well, and you’ll get to watch your excellent schools plummet the way ours have, with no media willing to tell the truth. That’s the real story.

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