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DENVER -- A 20-year-old University of Denver journalism student is back home in Maryland after being evacuated from Israel because of political and civil unrest.

Devin Hogan spoke with FOX31 Denver on Monday via Skype from her home in Maryland. Hogan recently returned to the United States at the encouragement of D.U. staff amid the escalation in violence near Tel Aviv.

"Everything the tension, just got really escalated," Hogan said on Monday.

The University of Denver spent over $3,000 to bring Hogan back to the United States. The journalism major was able to buy a last minute seat on a U.S. Airways flight to Philadelphia.

Hogan was the only D.U. student in Israel for the summer session. Other students, who were set to head to Israel for a fall study abroad program, are being told they won't be allowed to travel to the country because of the crisis.

Hogan was earning credits for a D.U. degree but the study abroad program was being hosted by an international school.


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  • Anonymous

    Absolutely ridiculous. The operation has calmed down significantly, no sense being “evacuated” at this point. Canceling study abroad programs is overly excessive.

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